Interactive Genetics is composed of computer-based tools to aid in the teaching of college level introductory genetics. These materials can be used by students working in small groups in a computer lab or for individual study. Through these materials we strive to:
  • Promote active learning on the part of the students
  • Guide students in problem-solving, critical, and analytic thinking
  • Enable learning through discovery
  • Integrate technology with science education
    Distributed on a CD-ROM, Interactive Genetics contains:
    Animations and videos to explain molecular processes and experiments.
    Interactive problems
  • Step-by-step problem solving
  • Specific feedback to predictable wrong answers
  • Major concepts introduced through problems
    (CD-based FlyLab; Web-based Bacterial Genetics)
  • Allow students to design experiments
  • Student-generated data is owned by student
  • Immediate results allows focus to be on data interpretation
    Self Tests
    Quizzes contain a large number of short answer problems