The CD-ROM contains tutorials, interactive problems and self-tests. For some topics a tutorial introduces the subject with animations and illustrations of basic genetic concepts required to solve the problems. Additional concepts are introduced through the interactive problems which take the student in a step-wise manner through a complex problem. Using our teaching experience to recognize the errors students most frequently make and where they have conceptual difficulties, we have provided tailored feedback to predictable classes of wrong answers.

This feedback acts as a personal tutor that is infinitely patient and always available. Use of interactive graphics and the "game-like" challenge to obtain the correct answer, with the positive feedback, motivates students to focus and complete the problems.

A self test consists of short questions on single steps from a set of problems. The student is allowed multiple attempts at each question; there is a link to a related problem with feedback for students who need more assistance. At the end of the quiz, a score is provided along with correct answers for questions missed. Several variations of each test are available.

The student can navigate through any of these sections in a linear manner by obtaining the correct answer or may move forward or backward through the sections using "Navigation" in the top menu bar.